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New Florida Film Industry Leader Thinks Show Biz Can Give State’s Lagging Economy A Boost

By Gina Jordan, August 13, 2020 WFSU Public Media Film and TV productions shut down around the country as COVID-19 spread. Film Florida, a not-for-profit trade association, has a new president who thinks shows biz productions could be a major part of Florida’s economic recovery. Florida is home to the coming-of-age series David Makes Man. It was filmed [...]

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Seeing Florida’s recovery through the viewfinder | Opinion

By DOMINIC M. CALABRO, SPECIAL TO THE SUN SENTINEL | AUG 09, 2020 Imagine that you are a TV producer, trying to figure out how you can begin getting back up and running as the pandemic begins to abate. You need a sunny climate with easy access to beaches. After months on hiatus, your network [...]

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Film Florida Quarterly Meeting September 9-10, 2020

Film Florida's next Quarterly Meeting will be Wednesday September 9 - Thursday September 10, 2020. Events will include Film Florida Committee and Council Meetings and the Film Florida Board of Directors Meeting and will be done entirely through Zoom so while we won't see each other in person, we will see each other via cameras. [...]

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