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Film Florida Quarterly Meeting, August 27 – 28, 2024 in Tampa

  Film Florida’s next Quarterly Meeting is Tuesday August 27 & Wednesday August 28, 2024 in Tampa, FL. Events will include meetings for the Film Florida Committees and Councils and the Board of Directors. For those that cannot make it in person, Zoom capabilities will be available. Film Florida meetings are being held in conjunction [...]

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Join Film Florida at the Produced By Conference June 8, 2024

  Film Florida invites you to the Produced By Conference June 8, 2024 on the FOX Studio Lot in Los Angeles, California. Presented by the Producers Guild of America, the Produced By Conference is the main event for working producers, featuring speakers, moderators and mentors from a diverse cross section of the film, TV, streaming [...]

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Film Florida Friday

  The next Film Florida Friday is Friday June 7, 2024 at 9:30am ET featuring a discussion about AR/VR. Panelists will discuss the merging of technology and storytelling, how entertainment production helps training production and vice versa, and more. Panelists scheduled to appear: Sheena Fowler, VP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, Red 6 Inc. and [...]

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Film Florida Provides Guidance to Avoid Scams

  Film Florida, the chief marketing and advocating organization for Florida’s Screen Production Industry, is providing guidance to help industry professionals avoid scams through a pair of “one sheets.” The one sheets include a version for on-camera talent as well as for behind the camera crew. The one sheets include best practices, red flags, helpful [...]

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