Industry Testimonials

Industry Testimonials2021-09-20T07:55:10-04:00

Robert Brown, Photographer, Yamaha and Polaris Watercraft

“Not only is the Emerald Coast a beautiful place to work, but the local community and film office are so accommodating and supportive of our efforts. I can’t wait to get back to this beautiful area.”

Christina Mathena, Thought Factory Films, Voyage of the Kitty Ku Ku

kitty_kuku“What more can you ask for besides gorgeous water AND a beautiful sunset.”


Barry Sonnenfeld, Producer/Director, Out of Sight and Big Trouble

barry_sonnenfeld“Working in Miami was a great experience. The technical crew was great. The help we got from the various film offices was extraordinary.”

Peter Farrelley, Director, Stuck on You and There’s Something About Mary

peter_farrelly“The caliber of crew and production people in Florida is every bit as good as anywhere in the country. They have all the equipment too.”

Patty Jenkins, Writer/Director, Monster

patty_jenkins“Frankly I was blown away when we came down to Florida to shoot. I would take this Orlando based cast and crew anywhere.”

Gale Anne Hurd, Producer, Punisher

gale_hurd“I can say from having worked on some very high-end Hollywood Films that I would match this crew of inordinately high proportion of Florida residents, to any crew I’ve every worked with in 25 years in this business.”


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