Film Florida encourages our members and industry stakeholder / partners to actively participate in the legislative education process. One of the most overlooked benefits of an organization is education of public officials. When you become a member of the Film Florida, you have an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the needs of Florida’s screen production industry. As the fortunes of your industry rise, so does your business. Below is a number of resources for your usage as you educate your local officials.

We have put together this Legislative Toolkit for your convenience, it is designed to help you understand the legislative framework and provide resources necessary to get involved in the legislative education process.

Toolkit Components:

How a bill becomes a law (State)


How to contact your Elected Officials

There are several ways to contact your members of the Florida Legislature to communicate about screen production issues. Contacting your elected officials can be as simple as writing an email or making a telephone call. Members of the Florida Legislature have local district offices as well as offices in Tallahassee. Complete contact information for these offices should be available on their individual websites or on the Senate and House of Representatives websites. Whatever way you choose to make contact, it’s important to remember to always be professional as you’re not just representing yourself when you contact a legislator, you’re representing the statewide industry.


You can call your Florida Legislators in Tallahassee or district office directly. Or, you can call the Capitol Switchboard at (850) 488-1234 and ask the operator to connect you with the correct office.


Writing a letter to your member of the Florida Legislature can be a valuable way to communicate. It is best to both mail the letter and fax a copy because security precautions can delay mail by several weeks. Fax contact information should be available on members’ websites.

When you write to your Member of the Florida Senate, you may address your letter as follows:

The Honorable (Senator’s Name)
Senate Office Building
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

When you write to your Representative, you may address your letter as follows:

The Honorable (Representative’s Name)
House Office Building
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399


Many elected officials have web site functions that allow you to email them a message. Remember to personalize your email.


You can also meet with your elected officials or their staff in their local district office. Check out their website for more information.


Many legislators use social media. You can contact them directly through their social media channels, usually Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn.