In addition to our Executive and Full Boards, Film Florida has established committees to help achieve the goals set by the organization. Members volunteer for the committee of their choice, providing their expertise and talents to issues at hand. For more information on Film Florida’s various committees, or to express your interest to serve, please contact each chair below:

Chairperson: Anne Russell, CLICK HERE to e-mail

The budget & finance committee coordinates the board’s financial oversight responsibilities by recommending policy to the board, interpreting it for the staff, and monitoring its implementation. The committee also provides board oversight of the organization’s financial audit.


  • The committee monitors the organization’s financial records;
  • Reviews and oversees the creating of accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements to be presented to the board;
  • Reviews the annual budget and recommends it to the full board for approval;
  • Monitors budget implementation and financial procedures;
  • Monitors budget assets;
  • Monitors compliance with federal, state, and other reporting requirements;
  • And helps the full board understand the organization’s finances;
  • The committee also recommends an auditor (when and if necessary) for full board approval and reviews the audit (when and if necessary).
Chairperson: Christy Andreoni, CLICK HERE to e-mail

The membership committee coordinates the organization’s overall fundraising and membership drive efforts. Working in cooperation with the Film Florida Board of Directors, individual Councils, and Film Florida membership, the committee is responsible for increasing the number of members, ensuring the retention of these members, and implementing strategies to raise funds to meet the common needs/priorities of the Film Florida membership at-large.


  1. Organize fund raising efforts;
  2. Review potential fund raising activities;
  3. To work with staff to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles, i.e. special events, etc.
  4. To be responsible for involvement of all board members in fundraising;
  5. Monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective;
  6. Organize membership drives;
  7. Recommend the means for making prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of Film Florida;
  8. Recommend ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation in Film Florida activities;
  9. Identify members’ and nonmembers’ needs and priorities, analyze them, and make recommendations to the Film Florida Board of Directors;
  10. Monitor and report on Film Florida’s capacity building efforts;
  11. Research and coordinate grant opportunities (in cooperation with the Executive Director).
Chairperson: John Lux, CLICK HERE to e-mail

The marketing & communications committee is responsible for communicating Film Florida news, activities, and events to members and to the community at-large; the committee also prioritizes and recommends marketing and communications and helps mobilize resources for carrying out the vision and voice of Film Florida. The committee works to ensure the Film Florida brand is clearly defined, well respected, relevant and that branding and communications are consistent and on message. The Marketing Committee also includes the Trade Shows and Special Events Sub-Committee.


  1. Oversee development and implementation of Film Florida’s marketing plan, including identifying potential markets, their needs, how to meet those needs with products/services/programs, and how to promote/sell the programs
  2. Create and implement an effective and appropriate social media strategy;
  3. Website content development and updates;
  4. Newsletter design, story development, editing and formatting;
  5. Develop brochures, event booth and collateral materials for trade shows and/or events;
  6. Conducts media outreach;
  7. Communicates regularly, and/or on an as-needed basis, with membership and the public at-large;
  8. Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization’s image, including communications with the press (in cooperation with the PR Director)
Co-Chairpersons: Paul Sirmons & Todd Roobin, CLICK HERE to e-mail

Film Florida’s Legislative Committee works with our membership, legislators, various organizations and government to educate those involved so they can help develop, sustain and promote programs and other tools that will help grow and strengthen the state’s film and digital media entertainment industry cluster.


  1. Formulating an annual legislative strategy for Film Florida and its membership;
  2. Assisting in determining Film Florida’s annual legislative priorities and making recommendations to the Board of Directors;
  3. Communicating goals/priorities/strategy regularly with the entertainment industry government affairs specialist;
  4. Communicating regularly with Film Florida’s Executive Board, Board of Directors and general membership with regards to annual legislative progress;
  5. Communicating and meeting with Legislators as necessary to educate them about the industry;
  6. Educating & motivating industry advocates and volunteers;
  7. Providing tools and resources to membership so that they may actively educate legislators as needed;
  8. Drafting educational position papers on behalf of the Executive Board, Board of Directors and Film Florida’s membership as necessary.
Co-Chairpersons: Tyler Martinolich & Matt Wohl CLICK HERE to e-mail

The strategic futures committee is responsible for guiding an inclusive strategic planning process for Film Florida. The committee designs and manages the process of developing a strategic plan, identifies resources and tools and ensures that the plan is properly positioned for implementation. The strategic futures committee will also develop and recommend the overall strategic direction for Film Florida, monitor its progress, review results as a basis for setting new strategy, and recommend actions to the Executive Board and, if necessary, the Board of Directors consistent with the strategic plan (once formulated).


  1. Establish a limited number of strategic priorities that signal important targets or areas for Film Florida to focus on;
  2. Set measurable goals for each priority in order to track progress and assess effectiveness;
  3. Assist leadership in formulating, advancing and communicating a vision for the future of Film Florida;
  4. Provide feedback and counsel to committees, sections, divisions and others in the organization with respect to those groups’ priorities and goals being aligned with those of Film Florida;
  5. Oversee and monitor implementation plans to assure that they are carried out (project management);
  6. Report to the Board of Directors on recommendations about the plan as well as progress reaching the goals of the plan;
  7. Work with the budget & finance committee as needed to ensure a rational linkage between strategic priorities and financial planning and budgeting;
  8. Periodically assess progress on goals and make adjustment as necessary given the circumstances;
  9. Conduct an annual review of the strategic progress as a basis for setting new strategy;
  10. Recommend action by the Executive Board and, if necessary, by the Board of Directors, as necessary, to direct committees and councils regarding activities consistent with the focus and direction of the strategic plan of Film Florida.