Chairperson: Brooke Hill, CLICK HERE to e-mail

Florida Film Commissions promote and market their individual counties as a center of excellence for film, video, television, digital media and still photography production by providing full film liaison services that support and expedite production within their county.

Florida Film Commissions contribute to employment opportunities in the industry by encouraging the development of new media and the expansion of existing industry infrastructure thus creating an atmosphere for positive growth and retention of the state’s entertainment production industry.

Chairperson: Jennelle Jordan, CLICK HERE to e-mail

The goal of the industry council is to add the strength of industry professionals to an organization that is at the forefront of efforts to market Florida on a national and international level.

Members of the Industry Council can take advantage of efforts to actively promote the state and individual production communities through Film Florida events and trade shows across the nation.

Film Florida membership assures industry professionals the opportunity to have our voices heard throughout Florida and through the Los Angeles liaison office, throughout the production community in California.

Chairperson: Leah Sokolowsky, CLICK HERE to e-mail
  • To be the voice of the professional entertainment industry workforce we represent.
  • To build and foster positive relationships with the Entertainment Community at large.
  • To promote the Film and Entertainment Industry in the State of Florida.
  • To enhance the image of Florida’s entertainment industry worldwide.
Chairperson: Dr. Devin Marsh, CLICK HERE to e-mail

The Education Council is the latest membership category for Film Florida, making way for schools, colleges, educational programs and universities to become part of the organization.

The addition of education partners is critical to the overall success of Florida’s entertainment production industry. With so much talent in front of the camera, behind the camera and in our classrooms, the creation of this Council allows Film Florida to touch the talent that comes out of our schools, as well as our state.

FSU Film School was the first to join Film Florida’s Education Council, with the prestigious school coming on board and also becoming Title Sponsor of the 2011 Film Florida Legend Awards.