The difficulties surrounding this pandemic are undeniable, but we believe it is still no match for our resolve, our determination, and our creativity. At the core of all our creations is a desire to connect to one another. We’ve lost some of that, but it’s our hope to bring that back, even if it’s in a small way. To that end, Film Florida is launching our COvideo-19 project. We want to hear from you… and share your stories, 19 seconds at a time. So, send us a 19 second video you’ve made. It can be funny, serious, mundane, absurd. You can shoot it with your phone, camera – whatever you prefer. All we ask is that it’s 19 seconds and be at minimum 720p, filmed horizontally. We will compile a collection of these videos and release them on social media as the collective voice of our community.

Send us a link to your finished video (turn on the ability to download) or email the video. All submissions should be sent to We will be accepting submissions until Monday, May 4th. Please do not include copyrighted material in your video. Anything you submit, you give Film Florida to use freely and without restriction.

Join us, join each other. Together we have a strong and creative voice. Let’s share it!