The next couple months will be extremely important for the entertainment production industries in Tallahassee with regards to the continued success of the current Florida Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program.

Film Florida is working diligently to educate legislators and to raise awareness among Floridians in general about the benefits our existing incentive program and a strong, indigenous entertainment production industry bring to our entire state.

Here is a way that interested industry members can help with only the daily push of a button – specifically on Twitter – and we are asking for your help to spread the word…

In the coming weeks and months, the Film Florida Twitter feed will include many posts and specific legislative notes that will include the hashtag #EntertainThis. It is these tweets that we ask you, and your colleagues to retweet.

The contents of the tweets with #EntertainThis are particularly important because they will include specific messages that we need to convey to legislators and Floridians. At times we’ll also be tweeting directly to Legislators – the more people that retweet these messages, the more each Legislator understands how many people this program and our industry effects.

We encourage you to share this message with your friends, colleagues, neighbors and community. Help us engage them to look for the messages in an effort to help this industry-wide campaign gain momentum as the legislative session approaches.

So follow @FilmFlorida on Twitter and Instagram and “Like” Film Florida on Facebook, then please retweet and share all #EntertainThis messages!