Film Florida announced today that it has launched its new brand in a move to better align the association with its members, partners, legislators and industry leaders. Along with a new brand charter, Film Florida incorporated its new positioning statement, “Entertainment Production Association,” to better communicate what Film Florida represents. The new visual identity can also be seen within Film Florida’s new website and marketing materials.

“The industries that we represent have evolved through the years and we needed to evolve with them. This means incorporating the wide range of professionals we stand for in our brand charter, terminology, tag line and new visual identity,” commented Michelle Hillery, Film Florida President and Deputy Film Commissioner, Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission. “Film Florida represents the film, television, commercial, and digital media industries. The dramatic influence of the digital age called for a change to a dynamic image for Film Florida’s already singular brand! Our focus is to help create and maintain a sustainable, professional and productive entertainment production industry in Florida with an international reputation for excellence.”

Film Florida values leadership, collaboration, courage, informed action and has a mission to provide a true focal point for Florida’s entertainment production industry, enabling the implementation of a more powerful economic policy, effective worldwide marketing, positive economic impact and professional standards of excellence. Film Florida works closely with the Florida Office of Film and Entertainment and plays a significant leadership role in supporting industry incentive legislation with state government. Film Florida will be advocating to replenish Florida’s Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program. The program has already proven fiscally responsible at a $5.60 ROI for each $1.00 spent, having a $4.1 billion dollar positive economic impact on the state of Florida since the program started in 2010.

About Film Florida: Film Florida is a not-for-profit entertainment production association that serves a leadership role in Florida’s film, TV, commercial, and digital media industries by representing all aspects of the business including film commissions, industry, labor, associations and education. The growing membership driven organization provides a network, a platform, and the benefits of playing an active part in solidifying Florida’s position as a major production destination, positive economic development driver and tourism generator. For more information about Film Florida visit