Film Florida, the chief marketing and advocating organization for Florida’s Screen Production Industry, is providing guidance to help industry professionals avoid scams through a pair of “one sheets.” The one sheets include a version for on-camera talent as well as for behind the camera crew. The one sheets include best practices, red flags, helpful hints and suggested actions.

“While the overwhelming majority of people associated with the Screen Production Industry are some of the best people you will ever meet, there are some that are looking to make a quick dollar at the expense of people that just want to make a living,” said Sandy Lighterman, President of Film Florida. “We have received enough information over the last few years to know that we need to provide guidance for people in our industry to make sure they stay safe, both physically and financially. Our task force started two years ago focusing with on-camera “glam scams” for actors and models, but we quickly realized that there are universal warnings, so we created multiple versions to make sure we’re helping the most people avoid scams as possible.”

Click HERE for Actor/Model Version
Click HERE for Crew Version

In the last six years, Film Florida has expanded its professional development efforts for Florida’s Screen Production Industry. Film Florida launched the Film Florida Podcast in 2018 and has released more than 125 episodes focusing on the people and stories that make up the multi-billion dollar screen production industry in Florida and features a wide ranging guest list including award winning writers, producers, storytellers, visual effects artists, actors, and more. Then in 2021 Film Florida launched Film Florida Friday, a monthly professional development series on Zoom featuring interactive conversations about current topics, initiatives and relationship-building in Florida’s screen production industry. Industry professionals and up-and-comers are encouraged to gather with a cup of coffee, ask questions and speak directly with industry leaders. Film Florida has also released a number of “one sheet” recommendations on various topics with the goal of educating and informing the industry about issues, including most recently with Sustainable Production Recommendations.

About Film Florida: Film Florida is a state-wide not-for-profit entertainment production organization that serves a leadership role in Florida’s screen production industry by representing all aspects of the business including film commissions, industry, labor, associations, and education. Our intention is to unite, inspire and innovate to build a more robust and retentive industry in Florida. The growing membership driven organization provides a network, a platform, and the benefits of playing an active part in solidifying Florida’s position as a major entertainment production destination, positive economic development driver and tourism generator. For more information about Film Florida visit