For those that are not aware, Film Florida launched a FREE magnet and sticker campaign a few months back. Whether it’s a magnet on your car or a sticker on your gear, workstation, laptop, etc. we’d love to spread the Film Florida message with your help. If you would like a magnet, sticker or both, simply respond to this e-mail with your address and we’ll mail it/them to you for FREE. Please help us spread the message of Film Florida by showing your support.

We also wanted to remind you of the various places you can stay in touch with Film Florida on social media. The support we’ve received on Facebook and Twitter has been remarkable and a testament to the dedication of everyone in our industry. In the last year we added Instagram to our outreach and just recently we launched a Film Florida company page on LinkedIn as well as a Film Florida Group on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn group is a great place to openly share info, industry announcements, best practices and overall industry conversation. We hope you will take the time to like join/follow any number of our social media outlets.

Don’t forget to show off the work you’re doing by posting (approved) pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too with #EntertainThis. Whether you’re working on set, in post production, on a game, etc., we want to see it. Post the pictures yourself with #EntertainThis or you can send them to with a description of the photo and we can post them.

Thank you again for your continued support of Film Florida and we work together to share the positive message of our industry.