Mail voting has begun and early voting has started in many counties for the General Election. Now is the time for all eligible voters to familiarize ourselves with the candidates to determine who will best represent us and our industry in the Governor’s Mansion as well as the Florida Senate and Florida House.

If you have questions about the candidates for Governor, the Florida House and/or Florida Senate, feel free to reach out to us by e-mail at Give us your home address so we can look up your voting districts and we will offer factual, objective information that we have gathered in our conversations with the candidates to help you be the most educated voter possible.

We encourage you to engage with your local candidates; you can call their office, send a letter or email and even volunteer to walk for them which is a great time to discuss issues important to you and our industry. You can get information about registering to vote, voting locations, and candidate information at Film Florida also conducted a “Communicating With Your Legislators” webinar earlier this year. CLICK HERE to watch the webinar and learn how to get in touch with your legislators and candidates. As an industry, we need to do our homework so we vote for those that support our industry and we need to make sure candidates understand the importance of our industry.

Film Florida is a non-partisan organization supporting all candidates and parties that support our industry. We do not advocate or endorse candidates or political parties. However, we do believe it is our responsibility to understand how candidates feel about our industry. In addition to communicating with the candidates for Governor, we are actively reaching out to each new candidate for the Florida House and Senate, introducing them to Film Florida and asking them to share their thoughts on Florida’s film, television and digital media industry.

These weeks before Election Day are an important time for all voters to take advantage of every available opportunity we have to get our questions answered by the candidates. Voting is the one time when we all have an equal say in standing up for the issues and priorities that matter most to us and our community.

Film Florida encourages you to cast your vote in the general election in November!