Film Florida is setting out on a campaign to capture stories from those in non-traditional industries that support film, television and digital media production in Florida. We continue to hear the stories from the producers, DPs, production coordinators, video editors, game designers, game developers, etc. We also need to hear from the electricians, carpenters, dry cleaners, restaurant servers, caterers and food truck owners, tourist attractions, and others. We need to see and hear the stories from the thousands of Floridians that don’t work directly in our industry, but still depend on the industry to make their livelihood.

We are asking each of you to find one person, two people, however many you can, and ask them to record a video of themselves, or you record it for them. These are do-it-yourself videos with a smartphone. We want to hear their story, who they are, what they do, how they benefit from our industry and what our industry means to them and their family. Thirty seconds, maybe a minute is all we need. The videos do not need to be long for them to be effective. The final deadline to submit videos is Friday August 3, 2018.

Please remember to film the videos with your phone in the horizontal position. Once you have recorded the videos, please e-mail them to If the videos are too large to e-mail please send via Google, Dropbox, Hightail, etc. but indicate they are videos so we know the link is not spam. Our goal is to collect as many of these videos as possible, then deploy them individually as well as within a single, edited piece through our social media pages, on our YouTube channel, on our website and through e-mail blasts. By submitting a video, each person is giving their permission for us to use the videos in those places.

As always, we appreciate your engagement, participation, and support.