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Florida has been a hotspot when it comes to making movies and TV production. But lawmakers are now trying to pass a law to make sure it stays that way.

Alex Bright is studying film production at the University of Central Florida.  He already works in TV production, but said more and more he is having to travel outside of Florida for steady work.

“I like what Florida brings,” Bright said. “I like the weather here, the stability, it’s not so much.  I have to go outside of the state, like a lot of my fellow classmates.”

Bright lives in Sanford, a city where parts of the movies “My Girl,” “Passenger 57” and “Monster” were shot.  But in recent years, other states like Georgia and Louisiana have made gains on Florida when it comes to making movies. Florida lawmakers are now considering an entertainment industry bill that would increase tax breaks for production companies. They hope the incentives will encourage those companies to choose Florida as their backdrop for future projects.

“I have to go to where the filming is. If this bill passes, it should spur a lot of long term and longer productions coming into the state,” said Bright.

Justice Soule moved to Central Florida from Alaska to study at Full Sail University. Soule, who is volunteering this week at the Florida Film Festival in Maitland, hopes the bill will pass so she can stay in Central Florida after she graduates to put her skills to work here.

“Because I have networks here,” Soule said. “I have people who call me up and say they have jobs for me. And after graduation, I don’t want to have to leave my networks.”

Florida lawmakers passed similar tax incentives in 2010, which some production companies are still benefiting from.  But lawmakers said the money has run dry for new projects.

Film workers like Bright are always keeping an eye on what their next job will.  He hopes he’ll have plenty of work to choose from in the Sunshine State.

There are two versions of the bill working their way through the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.  Lawmakers could bring the measure to a vote this week.

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