Dear Film Florida Members, Stakeholders and Friends,

We are two weeks from a very important election in Florida and for each candidate it is considered crunch time. At this stage candidates need all the help they can get either by way of contributions or volunteers. Our industry’s participation in this election is critical to ensure that those leaders who have supported our efforts in the past will be able to continue their fight in the upcoming legislative session.

Film Florida is asking all members, industry stakeholders, friends and supporters who are interested in continuing to work and live in Florida, to contact Dave Caserta, Film Florida’s Government Relations Lobbyist ASAP at 305-463-8808 and offer a few hours of your time to volunteer for a campaign in your district. Your support will enable you to spend quality time with candidates, which will help further our education efforts on the impact of our industry on Florida’s economy and its workers. Your efforts will also be greatly appreciated by the candidates. But most importantly, your involvement in the process will give each of us the right to stand-up and demand results from our elected officials.

As you contact Dave’s office, know that he will work with you to identify the appropriate campaign that would best fit your scenario. He will then make arrangements to connect you with the respective campaign team coordinator. The rest is up to you.

The industry needs us all to come through this week.

Many thanks as we know how valuable your time is. Please note that your participation large or small is most appreciated.Sincerely,

Michelle Hillery
President, Film Florida