April 3, 2020- Film Florida, the state’s only trade association that represents all sectors of the film, television, production and digital media/tech industry, released volume 2 of the “Sunshine State Social Distance Watch Party.” The collection includes Florida-filmed movies and TV series, along with where you can stream them. The organization is encouraging Floridians to pass the time of social distancing while enjoying the great work of Floridians that work in the industry.

“These are extremely challenging times that we are living in and we wanted to do our small part to help people manage,” Bonnie King, President of Film Florida said. “Florida has such a deep history in the film and television industry and we want to encourage Floridians to stay safe and healthy at home while also paying tribute to those Floridians that have helped create such wonderful Florida-filmed content through the years.”

Film Florida released Volume 1 of the “Sunshine State Social Distance Watch Party” on March 27, 2020. Volume 1 includes Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Bloodline, Burn Notice, Miami Vice, Moonlight, The Florida Project, Ulee’s Gold and more. Volume 2 was released on April 3, 2020 and features “family friendly” movies and television series that the entire family can watch together. The “family friendly” edition includes Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dolphin Tale, Edward Scissorhands, Flipper, Letters to God, My Girl, Parenthood, Space Camp, and more. Volume 3 is scheduled to be released on April 10 and a newly announced Volume 4 on April 17.

“Film Florida has created a web page with information from local, state and federal authorities to help our industry during the pandemic,” commented John Lux, Film Florida Executive Director. “On the lighter side though, we produce the Film Florida Podcast that’s on Apple Podcasts, the Google PlayStore, Stitcher and the iHeartRadio App and we’ve been encouraging people to listen to that during this downtime. Then we wanted even more to encourage people to stay home and safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic, so we tried to come up with something creative we could do to help people pass the time. As we got into it, we quickly realized there was so much to choose from that we needed more than a single list, and the concept eventually grew into four volumes, and that’s just the best of the best from our industry over the last 50+ years.”

About Film Florida: Film Florida is a state-wide not-for-profit entertainment production trade association that serves a leadership role in Florida’s film, TV, production and digital media/tech industry by representing all aspects of the business including film commissions, industry, labor, associations and education. The growing membership driven organization provides a network, a platform, and the benefits of playing an active part in solidifying Florida’s position as a major entertainment production destination, positive economic development driver and tourism generator. For more information about Film Florida visit FilmFlorida.org.

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Bonnie King, President, ezzellking@gmail.com, 321-863-4226
John Lux, Executive Director, jlux@filmflorida.org, 407-494-6195