Episode 32- Miami Film Festival, Jaie Laplante

Film Florida Podcast Episode 32- Jaie Laplante, Miami Film Festival Jaie Laplante from the Miami Film Festival talks about his days as a film critic in Toronto in high school, writing his first screenplay, living and working in Los Angeles then moving to Miami and eventually becoming the Executive Director and Director of Programming for the very successful Miami Film Festival, how the festival has evolved through the years and the very bright future for one of the best film festivals in Florida.

Episode 31- Accord Productions, Max Wyler

Film Florida Podcast Episode 31- Max Wyler, Accord Productions Max Wyler from Miami-based Accord Productions talks about the evolution of what a "production company” is, in the age of specialization, how being a well-rounded full-service company is an advantage to Accord Productions, technology advancements in production and post production, and the slate of original programming Accord Productions is working on.

Episode 30- Educator and Independent Producer Matt Wohl

Film Florida Podcast Episode 30- Matt Wohl, Educator and Independent Producer Filmmaker and educator Matt Wohl talks about his journey from Vermont to South Florida, taking a project to London, producing a soon-to-be-released independent film, being on the Film Florida Executive Board and more.

Episode 29- ClassAct Studios, Lauren O’Quinn

Film Florida Podcast Episode 29- Lauren O'Quinn, ClassAct Studios Lauren O'Quinn from Orlando-based ClassAct Studios talks about moving from talent agent and casting to offering professional acting classes, taping services, and career advisement, having roles on projects like "Nashville," "The Florida Project," "House of Cards," "Bloodline," and "Dolphin Tale 2" and teaching her actors to love the process as opposed to being fixated on the results.

Episode 28- Greenlight Television, Lauren Roberts

Film Florida Podcast Episode 28- Lauren Roberts, Greenlight Television Lauren Roberts introduces us to Greenlight Television and tells us what it’s like to work for a company that specializes in filming sports, events and making award-winning documentaries, why they opened an office in Tampa and how technology has changed, mostly for the better, the way they cover worldwide events.

Episode 27- PRG, Dawson Peden

Film Florida Podcast Episode 27- Dawson Peden, PRG Dawson Peden from PRG talks about the transition from VER to PRG and not just being an equipment rental company but an active participant in the technology and execution process for film, television, and live events.

Episode 26- Level Talent Group, Kelly Paige

Film Florida Podcast Episode 26- Kelly Paige, Level Talent Group Kelly Paige from Tampa-based Level Talent Group talks about owning her own talent agency, a typical day for her office, servicing nationwide clients for film and television projects, her time as Film Florida President, and helping her talent through the mental and emotional side of the business.

Episode 25- Silver Digital Media, Joel Silver

Film Florida Podcast Episode 25- Joel Silver, Silver Digital Media Joel Silver from Tallahassee-based Silver Digital Media talks about being the unofficial production company of the Florida Legislature, the evolution of what a "production company" does, engaging with legislators, and traveling the state to help tell the story of Florida from the perspective of many different associations and organizations.

Episode 24- Lock Talent, Brittany Collins

Film Florida Podcast Episode 24- Brittany Collins, Lock Talent Brittany Collins from Orlando-based Lock Talent talks about the difference between a talent agency and a casting director, what to look for in a talent agent, the process from being represented by an agent to being cast in something, and more.

Episode 23- Global Peace Film Festival, Nina Streich

Film Florida Podcast Episode 23- Nina Streich, Global Peace Film Festival Global Peace Film Festival Executive Director Nina Streich talks about editing feature film trailers early in her career, the evolution of the film festival and more.