Unleashing Synergies: Starling Productions and BrandStar Studios Harness the Power of Collaboration and Technology

Starling Productions, a Florida-based company specializing in film, television, and commercials is thrilled to highlight a recent collaboration in the corporate wellness sector with BrandStar Studios, a renowned leader in South Florida’s LED volume stages and production.

Uniting two powerhouse entities within the Sunshine State, the outcome was nothing short of remarkable, leading to a significant increase in efficiency that transformed Starling’s production process. This collaboration resulted in saving three full days of extensive multi-location shooting in South Florida. Beyond the evident time savings, this collaboration amplified the creative, streamlined operations, mitigated challenges associated with traffic, locations, and load in/out, ensuring a smoother and more time-effective production timeline.

The talented team at BrandStar Studios played a pivotal role, combining their unique studio, crew, and talents to contribute significantly to the success of this initiative for Starling’s client.

Crucially, this partnership extended beyond merely saving time for Starling Productions; it’s about illuminating the powerful synergy between the two organizations. It serves to highlight the thriving landscape for creative ventures in our home state, fostering growth and innovation within the local production industry.

“We are grateful for the collaborative spirit at BrandStar that enhanced this project into an even greater positive experience for our client. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and efficiency in our future endeavors,” says Robert Starling, SOC the owner of Starling Productions.

“There is nothing greater for us than coming together with other like-minded storytellers, to utilize talent, technology and creative problem solving to create something truly special. It is such a pleasure to work with companies like Starling Productions, and together, help uplift the South Florida production community,” says Andrea Kott, Executive Producer of BrandStar Studios.


Starling Productions, led by award-winning Producer and Cinematographer Robert Starling, is a top-tier video production company with over 40 years of experience. Based in South Florida and serving clients worldwide, their services encompass script-to-screen solutions for commercials, film, television, documentaries, and corporate videos. They provide comprehensive cinematography, aerial, underwater, location production, and post-production services. Their portfolio boasts successful collaborations with global brands such as Disney, Nat Geo, Discovery, Toyota, Lexus, Sony, NFL, BBC, Red Bull, Microsoft, and others.

For more information visit, www.starlingproductions.com or contact Robert Starling 407-462-7794.


BrandStar Studios is a full-service, traditional and virtual production company that utilizes its expanding LED sound stage network and top talent to creatively deliver exceptional value to clients. With locations in Deerfield Beach & Miami, BrandStar Studios offers its state-of-the-art technology and virtual production facility, including LED walls, green screens, chroma-key, cinematic cameras, as well as motion tracking and custom virtual environments via the Unreal Engine. BrandStar Studios provides an innovative filmmaking approach that seamlessly blends virtual and physical worlds, as well as the simplicity of traditional production needs in the South Florida area.

For more information, visit, brandstarstudios.com or contact Andrea Kott at 561-305-0414.